Permanent Cosmetics

Permanent Makeup is the cosmetic technique of adding pigment to the dermis of the skin to enhance the color & shape of brows, lips & eyeliner. As a certified Softap technician I hold advanced certificates in micro blading, combination brows, powder brows & color theory. I’m licensed; insured & meet all state required sanitation requirements.

Softap is a method of tapping tiny dots of pigment into the dermis with a hand held tool. This method creates the look of powder & gives me the most creative control to create a soft wash of color or a more dramatic look.

Microblading is another method of adding pigment to the skin with a hand held tool. This modality creates individual hair like stokes to create a natural looking fuller brow.


Permanent makeup for brows can look like individual hairs or a soft powder to create a fuller natural looking brow. This procedure is perfect for anyone with an active lifestyle, suffering from alopecia, hair loss or looking to save time applying makeup.

$500 – any technique


Adding pigment to lips gives a fuller appearance & a beautiful wash of color. The end result is a fuller, defined, yet natural looking lip.

$500 – any technique


Permanent eyeliner can be a subtle as a lash enhancement to add fullness & definition to your lash line or as dramatic as a winged smokey liner.

$400 – top & bottom
$200 – top
$200 – bottom

All pricing includes second session.

$175 – Annual Touch Up
(more than 9 months since last visit)

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